Scientific letter N°21

Reduction with hydride reagents: an overview (Part II)

In the early 2000s, together with my colleague and friend André Guingant, we began to think about how we could make the most of our know-how, acquired over more than thirty years of cumulative contact with public and private research. With the support of Atlanpôle and our University, this idea took shape, and exactly 20 years ago AtlanChim Pharma (Atlanchim at the time) was created. From the start, our ambition was to be a chemical synthesis service provider able to respond to the specific needs of each of our customers by offering them customized solutions Our ambition, and that of everyone at AtlanChim Pharma, was and has always been to be the ideal partner, focusing on 4 key points: adaptation, communication, confidentiality, flexibility and deadline compliances. With a dynamic and enthusiastic attitude shared by all, we were soon up and running, with an increase in requests and the first orders. Everything had to fall into place! Find code names for contracts, for example…. The idea for the four letters of your first contracts came while we were waiting for the RER B train, during a visit by one of our customers (who will recognize himself), seeing the different trains with their four letters.

Twenty years later, and over 2,000 contracts completed, the code names have been extended from four to five letters for even more possibilities. AtlanChim Pharma has grown, acquiring a rich and strong expertise through all the chemistry we have produced and the relationship we have built with our customers. Our enthusiasm and our passion for our profession and “the love of a job well done” is, and always will be, our common thread.

Another highlight of these 20 years was the change of management in 2008. Ronan LEBOT, a pharmacist by training and founder of the CRO Atlantic Bone Screen (specialized in non-regulatory preclinical evaluation services in the field of osteoarticular pathologies), took over AtlanChim with the idea of developing synergies between the two CROs and thus accelerating the development of your compounds.

AtlanChim thus becomes AtlanChim Pharma.

To find out more about his background, please see the last page of our special 20-year scientific letter.

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