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As a fine-chemistry CRO, AtlanChim Pharma has a large range of services for your organic chemistry needs (heterocycle chemistry, steroids, glycochemistry …).  One of our expertise, stable isotope labeling, consists in introducing one or more stable isotopes (D, 13C, 15N, 34S, 18O) in all types of molecules. Benefits? Cheaper, fewer restrictions by using non-radioactive compounds and small isotopic effects.

Ask for a quotation in fine chemistry

For your needs in fine chemistry, AtlanChim Pharma is available to work on your quote. In your request, please give us as much informations as you can such as the structure of the molecule that we will have to synthesize or to analyze, the CAS number (if known), and the quantity required as well as the purity expected. Then one of our Project Manager will establish you a detailed quote.

As soon as we have your Purchase Order, one of our Project manager will be your personal contact for your project and he will be your referent throughout your project. At the end of your contract, we will send the compound along with the synthesis report and / or the certificate of analysis according to your initial request.

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