Custom Synthesis

Our expertise in chemical synthesis

Atlanchim Pharma is a CRO (Contract Research Organization) specialized in custom synthesis of chemical molecules. For the chemical synthesis of your molecules, we can either reproduce in the laboratory an access route described in a patent or in a publication, or implement an original synthesis route that we will have validated together or according to the operating modes from your works. We carry out classic chemical syntheses such as heterocyclic synthesis, glycochemistry, steroid synthesis (…). We also offer you our expertise in cold stamping, a technique which consists of introducing one or more stable isotopes (D, 13C, 15N, 34S, 18O) into all types of molecules.

Custom synthesis of chemical molecules: a scientific team at your service

Your custom chemical molecule synthesis project is managed by one of our project managers. Our researchers, all holders of a doctorate in organic chemistry or medicinal chemistry, will be able to deliver a product that meets your expectations via your specifications defined at the time of drawing up the estimate. Our project managers are accompanied by a team of technicians, experts in organic synthesis, and our work benefits from the support of our scientific director, Professor Jacques Lebreton. Professor at the University of Nantes, Jacques Lebreton is a member of the CNRS and sits on the editorial board of three major international scientific publications.

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Custom Synthesis

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