Scientific letter N°17


This month of May 2022 is an important date for us: 18 years ago, AtlanChim Pharma performed its very first synthesis !
Throughout these 18 years with our customers and through more than 1,400 contracts carried out, we have been constantly driven by the passion for our profession to achieve your objectives and synthesize your molecules. Since our first contract, this state of mind of « love for a job well done » has been our DNA and our daily work is and will always be governed by our values: Scientific Expertise, Transparency, Communication and Attentiveness.
These 18 years have seen, among other things, the expansion of our laboratory, the acquisition of new equipments and the team growing steadily with the arrival of talented chemists. To meet your needs for molecules, your questions about problems of chemical reactivity and the isolation and formation mechanism of impurities, in particular, we have acquired throughout this work a unique expertise in chemistry, which remains an experimental science…Well beyond our initial know-how in the synthesis of labeled molecules, with more than 250 prepared isotopologues, we
have greatly extended our field of expertise to: carbohydrates chemistry, dyes, various heterocycles, palladium and also to the handling of ionic compounds.
This non-exhaustive list of expertise is only of interest and value to us if it is associated with regular and constant scientific monitoring.
Also, we have regularly shared this scientific monitoring with you through our Letters, our Webinars and also our monthly Posts which are now bimonthly, on the LinkedIn of AtlanChim Pharma entitled « #The Minute Of Chemistry ». We thus offer you our new and 17th scientific letter « An overview of the key routes to polysubstituted oxazoles ». You will find in conclusion all the themes covered in our scientific letters and feel free to send us your wishes regarding the subjects you would like to see covered.
Finally, our next Webinar entitled « O- and N- Methylation: how to do (and better) without methyl iodide ? » that I will have the pleasure of hosting on 9 th June at 3pm, will speak about a very
important transformation, the methylation reactions of alcohols and amines other than those using methyl iodide.

Enjoy the reading!

Jacques Lebreton

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