Scientific letter N°16

ATLANCHIM PHARMA : Thanks all its customers

Our new scientific letter will give you an overview of the benzyl protecting group chemistry through examples from the literature which clearly illustrate the difficulties we encounter daily in our lab … and solutions we provide ! Our next webinar entitled : « Benzyltype protective groups : problems and solutions » will be held on
the 2nd of December and will address this topic beyond benzyl ethers. For 17 years, we have been capitalizing on our team experience and skills to support our customers in their projects.
Their success is due to a close collaboration between you and AtlanChim Pharma’s team.

Chemistry is constantly evolving and many chemists around the world are looking to simplify synthetic conditions in order to obtain their products. One of the most important breakthrough in organic synthesis for this century has just been recognized.
On October the 6th, The Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded jointly to Benjamin List and David Mac Millan for the development of asymmetric organocatalysis. They have simultaneoustly demonstrated in the early 2000’s that organic compounds such as bases and acids (BrØnsted or Lewis) as well as compounds from the chiral pool could help to synthesize enantiopure compounds with same results as regular metal or enzymatic catalysis.

In addition, you can follow us on LinkedIn where we enjoy sharing with you #TheMinuteOfChemistry and informations about our services/expertise. Our team of chemists is at your disposal for
discussing custom synthesis, stable isotope labeling or synthesis of impurities to make your project a success !
During this particular period where responsiveness is essential, we would like to warmly thank our customers for their trust and loyalty placed in AtlanChim Pharma.

Look after yourself and your loved ones.
Enjoy your reading,

AtlanChim Pharma’s team

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