Scientific letter N°13


For the 13th Scientific letter of AtlanChim Pharma, Professor Jacques LEBRETON gives you an overview of the different strategies allowing for the synthesis of modified nucleosides. Indeed in those recent years our chemists have acquired a strong expertise in sugar chemistry and our clients’ projects always enrich us by carrying out their projects.
Throughout 2019, we shared with you our know-how and expertise through webinars during which we have discussed subjects such as « Recent advances in the synthesis of labeled biologically active molecules (D, 13C, 15N, 18O) », « Syntheses of steroids from yesterday to today » and finally « Recent methodologies for the construction of polysubstituted pyrroles ». We also shared with you our latest scientific publications and we have started to publish monthly posts on the linkedIn page of AtlanChim Pharma entitled «#TheMinuteOfChemistry»
This work is based on regular scientific monitoring and the wish to share with you our passion for our profession and our values such as scientific expertise, transparency, exchange and synthesis challenges.

Before the beginning of your reading, we take this opportunity to wish you a very happy and creative new year 2020, we stay at your disposal for your chemical challenges!

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