Analytical Services

Structural analyses or structure elucidation

For known structure

Structural analyses done with a NMR 400MHz, (for proton skeleton: 1H, COSY, TOCSY and for carbon skeleton: 13C, DEPT, HSQC, HMBC) enable us to confirm that the structure you proposed is correct.

For unknown structure

We can also do structure identification (information such as synthetic scheme, analogues, and precursors … must be provided by our client) using NMR analyses, HRMS, IR …

Conformity certificate

We can provide you a conformity certificate in comparison with reference spectra.

Estimation of lipophily using a reverse gradient in UPLC-MS

Using a method described by Valko, we can estimate the lipophily of your compound(s) using a reverse gradient method on UPLC-MS.

Validation of method in HPLC

On our UHPLC ThermoScientific, we can provide validation of a method for the analyse of your compound(s).

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Analytical Services

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