Structural analyses or structure elucidation

For known structure

Structural analyses done with a NMR 400MHz, (for proton skeleton, 1H, COSY, TOCSY and for carbon skeleton 13C, DEPT, HSQC, HMBC) enable us to confirm that the structure you proposed is correct.

For unknown structure

We can also do structure identification (information such as synthetic scheme, analogues, and precursors … must be provided by our client) using NMR analyses, HRMS, IR …

Conformity certificate

We can provide you a conformity certificate in comparison with reference spectra.

Estimation of lipophily using a reverse gradient in UPLC-MS

Using a method described by Valko, we can estimate the lipophily of your compound(s) using a reverse gradient method on UPLC-MS.

Development and validation of method in HPLC

On our UHPLC ThermoScientific, we can do development and validation of a method for the analyse of your compound(s).