Development of innovative solutions for the synthesis of a compound not described in the literature

A project manager or a technician is in charge of the feasibility study for the synthesis of your compound(s) for a defined period of time.


Request of our client (structure of the molecule, CAS number, quantity and purity)


Establishment of a detailed quote by a project manager (PhD) in collaboration with our Scientific Director


After receipt of the signed purchase order, raw material supply and starting of the feasibility study for a defined period of time by a project manager (PhD)

send a mail

During feasibility study, e-mail weekly with progress (ensuring an interactive collaboration)


Shipping of the product(s) at the end of feasibility study if successful, with a synthesis report


Establishment of a new quote by a project manager for the synthesis of the requested quantity (FFS)

Our expertise: heterocycles, carbohydrates, chiral molecules, steroids, alkaloids …

ATLANTA-175                            ATLANTA-134

For other structures, depending on bibliographic  study, we will work on your request.